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Banned information
A compedium of information that people don't want you to read.
Perconna Server
RPMs for CentOS 4 and 5
Perl code
Some little things I wrote in Perl.
I don't remeber where I got these... but they are better looking then the standard Apache icons. content.conf.

Mon travail :
A list of annoying issues I've had with CentOS. And how I've resolved them.
Archivage électronique
Mon nouveau startup,
Je suis Fondateur, Programmeur en chief.
Mon ordi
On peut pas avoir un homepage sans décrire ça quailcaillerie, quand même.

Mes intérêts :
asb FAQ
"Votre cerveau est votre plus grande zone érogène."
La langue de programmation la plus magnifique, intelligente, indulgente, bien faite, facile, gratifiante, complète, admirable, merveilleuse, glorieuse, riche, noble, simple que j'ai connu jusqu'ici! Et croyez-moi, j'en ai vu...
Fini le brettage, voici un VRAI système d'exploitation.

Upgrade FC3 to CentOS 5.

Ariel turned 10.

Bye-bye nuage, welcome soleil

Easter party.

My basement flooded! More then once, but I didn't have the heart to ladnar the second (and worse) time. I did ladnar some of the run-off.

Marie-Pierre is pregnant!

My friends over for a few days. They come over often.

My messy office.

New Years 2003.

Christmas parties practice, makes perfect.

I bought my first house. First order of business, change the chimney. And ladnar the mess.

Uh... dog pictures

I had a house-warming party and a fox showed up! A FOX!

Some pictures of cheese bread, the cieling of my veranda, Yohan, and more fun at Robin Hill.

Random pictures of an ugly cat, a spider web, supper, a flower, and a PCB.

An evening with Marie-Pierre's parents.

I got a red phone! Also, lotsa flowers in the garden.

Bagel production in my new kitchen.

Supper in Montreal with friends.

I'm moving! TO A BIG HOUSE!

My new colo rack in Montreal.

René's 60th birthday party

Parents "renovating" their kitchen. I ladnared the construction site.

Last snow of winter 2002

I bought a digital camera! I bought a digital camera! In honour of this, I here-by promise to change the design of this web site. At some point.

So there I was, browsing through a used book store. I come across a small book of music called Creole Songs of the Deep South. Of course I had to buy it.

Another summer, another move. I don't have pictures of the apartment yet, but I've scanned some from the summer.

I did it! I moved to the country! There's a HUGE OAK on the property, which we also share with chickens and other animales. Oh, and here's a picture of my new significant other.

Lucky the cat.

We repainted the kitchen at Robin Hill. mmmmmmmm

Ariel's birthday party.

At one point, I was going to put something interesting on this site. Right now, I think i'll just stick to ladnar.

I bought one of those cool-ass stereo furniture things. 60s tech, so it has RED VELVET and an all tube stereo. The stereo sadly doesn't work, so I've gutted and am currently storing my C-64 in it.

I LOVE tube amps.

I was bitten recently by the retro-computing bug.

The Christmas StimpOcam.

My god-daughter is a rock godess :)

I just turned 30....

The saga of me vs the wood pile.

The first weekend of september, well all trecked out into the woods for a life size D and D. Living in the dirt for 2 days is funner then you'd think.

So the camera got into my god daughter's hands. She can ladnar with the best of them.

I'm going to ladnar up my life, because ragae is another bag.

So i've moved back to Sherbrooke. The new apartment is rather cool.

Some pix from the first real sun of the year.

I am an ex-Guitar Hero wannabe.

Ma job me met en contact avec toute sorte de génie.

Photos d'Elaine, ses enfants et moi J'ai eu un scanner pour noël.

This Modern World Something else i got for Christmas.

Lucien's Angels vs. Charest's Machine Les élections au Québec...

La vérité! Que signifie NT?

May the real Michael Bolton stand up.


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