What is it about Macintoshes that creates stupidity in their users?

One particular incident :
A graphics artist sent me some images for a site I work on. The person thought I had windoze, so saved them as .bmp. Then ran them through StuffIt! to create an archive. This archive was then Apple DoubleByte encoded (like uuencode I take it), which was then base64 MIME encoded as an e-mail attachement to me.

Now I don't run windoze, nor Mac OS. Many people find this hard to understand. I run Linux 99% of the time, an OS many people find hard to understand.

I smelt trouble as soon as I read the e-mail. It was a .sea (self-extracting archive). Ugh. file(1), however, claimed it was a StuffIt! archive. A glance at the macbinary header corroberated this. Well, having no desire to get near a Mac, I poked around for a stuffit decompressor for linux. But, StuffIt! being a proprietary format and Aladin software being in the ranks of those that don't understand Linux, I was SOL.

So I grundingly boot windoze and de-stuff the archive. What am I rewarded with : some bad scans from a fax! I'm supposed to use this to make them a nice web site? Like hell, I say.

So, the Macintosh way of doing graphics is : take pager, fax it to someone, scan in the fax, save as the worst image format going, compress it, add extra info to the header, turn it into an all-ascii representation, then send it using another all-ascii representation.

I'm not even making this up.